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About Wallas


Wallas Marin Oy has developed and manufactured the safest, quietest, most reliable diesel and paraffin heaters and cooktops combinations available since 1972.

Wallas is the only manufacturer of integrated cooktop/heaters in the world. Based in Victoria, BC, Trotac Marine is pleased to offer sales and support for all Wallas products and systems in Canada directly, or through our trusted distributor network.


Why Wallas


• Whisper-quiet heat: nothing promotes a good night’s sleep like silence. Wallas’s Laminar heat burning technology produces a near silent heat.

• Modern energy efficiency: Wallas’s super-low amperage system saves money while staying cozy and protecting your boat from dampness..

• Designed to exceed expectations:   Be confident you’re being kept warm by 39 years of Finnish experience, designing boat heating systems for some of the harshest conditions in the world.

• It’s reliable:  All our products, down to the smallest part, are reliably constructed in Finland. Our systems are backed by a 2+1 year warranty, fully serviceable by trained technicians right here in Canada.

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Trotac truly is a family business, there’s been three generations working in the store, and some of the staff for at least half that. Founded in 1972 by Pete Thomson, it started out with Pete and his wife supplying to the west coast commercial fishing fleet. All the kids helped in the store as well, with packaging and deliveries, and Campbell ended up partnering with his dad to help create the Trotac that exists today. Over time they have expanded to include the Government, recreational, scientific and work boat fleets. Now we are in our new location and at 20,000 square feet it should hopefully hold us for a long time to come.