10 Commandments + 1


Thank you for purchasing a Wallas Marine Heater or Cooktop/Heater. Please read these quick tips, then read your Wallas manual; a proper installation will ensure your Wallas System works correctly.

If you have any questions regarding your new Wallas System, please call us toll free at 1-866-287-6822.


  1. Your Wallas Heater or Cooktop requires at least 12.6 volts to operate. Ensure you connect directly to a properly maintained and fully charged battery using the included fuse.
  2. Do not extend the wire length of the included wire harness unless you use a larger gauge wire. Wire length is measured from battery to appliance and back to the battery.
  3. If you need more than the stock length of 13’,and if the total combined length is 30’ use 10Ga AWG Marine wire. If the length in total is up to 30–40 feet, then use 8Ga AWG Marine wire.
  4. Remember to fuse the wire at the battery.
  5. Be sure to properly tighten the fuel connection to ensure air leaks do not occur. Use two wrenches; one wrench on the fitting, one wrench on the nut. Make it tight.
  6. Ensure the level of the fuel tank used is below the level of the appliance. If not you must install a shut off solenoid to prevent flooding when the unit is turned off. Ask us for details.
  7. Use diesel in diesel appliances, kerosene in kerosene appliances. They are designed to burn one or the other, not both. Paraffin is a european term for kerosene.
  8. If using a kerosene unit, correctly follow the manual regarding the fuel return line. Diesel units do not have a return line.
  9. Be sure to correctly install a vertical rise & return in the exhaust run (known as a gooseneck). Wallas products do not like salt water in them. Please read the manual for important notes about this.
  10. Be careful of wind effect when choosing a location for the exhaust. If you have questions, please call us before you drill the hole.
  11. Air ducting must be routed correctly. Units must have air supply to burn, and air to recirculate to heat your boat correctly. Call us if you have any questions on how to do this. IE the 85Du requires at least a 16sq inch combustion air supply.