#85DP/270 Marine Stove+Fan Top Blower Lid


The 85DP/270 cook top/heater combination is great when space is a problem. All 85 Series cook tops operate with ultra low fuel consumption (0.09–0.19 litres per hour) using less power than a standard anchor light (0.6 amp per hour).

Ideal for when you just need some heat in the main cabin. The blower fan lid supplies a heat output of 3,000–6,400 BTU’s.

  • It’s safe: no exposed flame, no moisture added to the cabin, and non-explosive fuel.
  • Even-sealed surfaces are easy to keep clean
  • Counter space required: 14-1/2″ x 18-3/4″ (14″ above counter when lid is open)
  • Surface mount (top of counter)
  • Included in price are #270 blower lid & #1100 exhaust kit
  • Optional: #1110 pot holders
  • Note: this price does not include install kit or #1110 pot holders #85 Series Cook Top Heater Install Kit

Download 85DP brochure

Download Installation, Operation, and Service Instructions Manual #85DP

Download Installation, Operation, and Service Instructions Manual #270


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