Spartan Diesel Air Heater


The Spartan Series includes two quiet, forced-hot-air diesel & approved bio fuel boat heaters with outputs from 4,700–15,300 BTU’s. You should feel the heat – not hear it!

In determining how to maximize your application, an important feature of the Spartan Twin is it’s two makeup air inlets and two warm air outlets. In comparison, the Spartan Air has three inlets and three outlets. Multiple inlet air sources result in better efficiency and fresher air indoors.

As one of our most powerful models, the Wallas Spartan Twin offers the most advanced control features in the marine heater market, maximizing convenience and versatility. The Advanced Control Panel can be accessed remotely by Wallas mobile app, which enables you to turn the heater on from anywhere. The wireless sensor monitors the indoor temperature with high accuracy, maintaining smooth temperature stability for maximum comfort.

  • Spartan Twin Dimensions: 16-11/16″ wide x 10-15/16″ tall x 6-1/2″ deep
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.16-0.46 l/h
  • Electricity Consumption: 0.7-4.5 A
  • 4,700–15,300 BTU’s
  • 1.4–4.5 kW
  • Boat Length: 29–40 feet
  • Note: this price does not include install kit – #45SP_TWIN Spartan Diesel Air Heater Install Kit

Download Spartan Twin brochure

Download Installation, Operation, and Service Instructions Manual

Bluetooth Temperature Sensor #4432 Setup Guide


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