The GB Series includes three quiet, forced-hot-air diesel & blended bio fuel boat heaters with outputs from 3,4000–10,250 BTU’s.

Comfortable cabin temperature is maintained with a thermostat controller. Thanks to the laminar burning process, the exhaust is next to silent so you and surrounding boaters can enjoy the peace and quiet. You should feel the heat – not hear it!

  • The GB series can be installed in the engine room of a diesel powered boat as the GB series draws air from the cabin through cold air returns to the unit
  • GB Dimensions: 15-5/8″ wide x 11″ tall x 6-1/4″ deep
  • Allow a minimum width of 27″ for air duct routing
  • 3,400–7,500 BTU’s
  • 2,200 Watts
  • Boat Length: 18–30 feet
  • Note: this price does not include install kit


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